Saturday, February 24, 2007


HE'S welcome
He may enter

Let him come
into my maze

like all men
have entered

Squirming: a
writhing dog

encrusted in
primal slime

leaking down
matted limbs

Let him come
to my cavern

Let him come
to admire me

I have curls
to show him!

Lovely curls
so beautiful

So beautiful
they stiffen

not cock but
a whole body

I understand
man's energy

His yearning

For him I am
ever Elysium

His constant
loving bride

Let him come
with a pearl

to my diadem
of warm eggs

I am waiting
for caresses

The hands of
his bold eye

on my breast
and my thigh

Ready to see
his erection

Hero Perseus
bred of Zeus

and of gold-
plated Danae

He can be as
the Gods are

He can be an
Immortal One

He can be as
the spouting

stuff of his
proud pecker

Protean! Yet
lost forever

In the crack
of my cranny
. . .

&copy Dan Goorevitch

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