Thursday, February 22, 2007


Hate laws
hide what
lazy dumb
talk does

Bury Jews
Andy bury

most deep

slow mind

Bomb drop
doll city
same diff

talk show
Andy says

Only look

Bomb sent
will kill
what ever
some hate

stop bomb
come over
that very
same pond

That made
life cost
most mean

that side

this side

Only just
hear this

Jews were
same side

rest note
took from
fair song

With mark
mark well
with mark

note sent
from song

soul from
body took

bone took
from skin

bone bust
into dust

Call them
doll then

bury them

Call them
then doll

only doll

Your word
from this
care bear
side your
fake face

dumb care
your left
wing mask

will make
your debt
list long

Your sons
push next
sons hard

make good
that bill

Same Nazi
work plan

Till gold
fill from
dead open
food hole

make that
then your
glad days
debt paid

Call that
your song

sick bird

Coil into
your soil

your soul
made dirt

© Dan Goorevitch

1 comment:

Dan Goorevitch said...

I saw a documentary about the final days of the Holocaust. The Germans were busy burying the evidence. Huge piles of corpses were put into massive graves but the decaying bodies sent gas up, causing the graves to rise. German officers were getting Polish peasants to stamp on the dead bodies to release the gas and flatten the field. They were not permitted to call the corpses any word that might give the dead the status of a human being. Words like "bodies," "corpses" were forbidden. They were allowed to call them dolls. This made a profound impression on me.

Doll City refers to Dresden, destroyed by an Allied firebombing. Dresden was famous for its fine porcelain dolls.